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Rohan Bhatt

Founder / CEO

He is a Franchise & Hospitality Consulting professional with over a decade of on-hand experience in developing and sustaining franchise brands acroos India.

He has headed the expansion and franchising part of various brands like Pizza Swag, Heist, Jugni Fusion Bistro, Singh Saab Di Rasoi, The Aromatic House Cafe and Eatery, Richa Restro, Twisted Mazzo, The Dough Company, Fusion Box, Mexican Rodeo and many more

His acute sense of retailing and hospitality and his innovative restaurant support and development systems make him an integral part of the team showing the company's committment to not just large numbers but systematic development and support for the large number of stores planned in the network.

He has also provided end to end solutions for various brands on a strategic level which gives the businesses a correct direction for organic and sustainable growth.

Yash Bhatt

Co-Founder / COO

He is the Young and Dynamic face of SQuare Consulting. He takes care of the Operations and Recruitments at SQuare Consulting and makes sure that the businesses that associate with us have their work done with the right impact and attitude.

His methodological approach to everything that matters to businesses like the consumer perception, demand pattern projection, buying decision factors etc. makes him important to the projects and their financial feasibility.

His keen sense of the market needs and requirements and his understandings of the customer expectations makes him a tough critic of the operational effeciencies of the projects undertaken.

His zero tolerance to nonsensical stereotyped operational practices makes his expediency at the top of the consulting solutions pyramid.

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