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We are SQuare Consulting ; we are the Pioneers in Business Expansion Consulting and Franchise Management Consulting Industry in Gujarat. The complete experience of the people associated with the SQuare Consulting Group is immense in the various fields of business. This gives us an extra edge over our competitors which we like to call as the SQuareEDGE.


Business Consulting is generally considered a costly affair but when you are with the right partner in progress, the cost converts into an investment. SQuare Consulting was founded as a medium to develop the business and to give the necessary growth to businesses across different industries and locations to create maximized opportunities for one and all. SQuare Consulting has always remained close to being more committed towards giving a better environment to businesses so that it can reach up to in order to achieve great results in Business.

We have always focused on getting the Best of the services for our clients and getting more out of their Businesses in the quickest possible ways.